$10 Dollar Tree Haul and Review: Part One – Lip Products


To explain where this idea came from you need to know that  I watch a ton of  YouTube beauty guru’s and one that I have watched a lot is “JAMBeauty89” or Jessica Braun. Yesterday I was catching up on some of her videos and came across her series on makeup from The Dollar Tree. To give some insight into my marriage, my poor Hubs is always having to listen to the gurus and actually knows them by name now because I watch them so often. This also means he has a keen instinct when I want to go buy something that I’ve seen online. So today he asked when I wanted to go to The Dollar Store and I was very excited and unprepared. Typically I have something specific in mind when we go buy makeup but this time it was a free-for-all. I ended up with 6 lip products, 3 liquid eye-liners and one eye-shadow all for under $10. Today we are going to be looking at the lipsticks and lip crayon that I picked up.

Dollar Tree Lip Products


Colormates Lip Crayon – “Spice”

Starting from the top; the Colormates Lip Crayon in “Spice” is a more natural looking hue that would be perfect for an every day look. I was slightly worried that it would be too dark but it came out really beautifully on the skin and with my lip color (light dull pink) it added just the right amount of pigment. This is the only crayon I bought up because the others were bright coral colors that I didn’t care for. I have a couple of lip crayons in bright colors but haven’t picked up one with that would just enhance my lips without being the focal point. I would highly recommend this crayon. It feels moisturizing, doesn’t have a chemical scent and is very pigmented. Final thing about this? It is a twist crayon which is my favorite kind of crayon.

L.A. Colors Lipstick – “Sorbet”

This is my second favorite item from the mini haul. This lipstick is a light pink that is perfect for a sweet and subtle makeup look. There is a scent but it is a delicate sweet smell that isn’t overpowering. I will be reaching for this as a go-to probably daily for work and running around on the weekends. Something dumb that I really like about this? The packaging is adorable. The tube is white with the logo and in red cursive it says “lipstick” which is silly because duh it’s lipstick but it’s so cute I can’t help but love it.

Wet n’ Wild Lipstick – “Dark Wine” 

This is my absolute favorite of ALL of the makeup I purchased today. I have been known to rock a red lip at work or when I’m out and about. I have however, never been the girl to wear dark deep colors. This lipstick has completely changed my mind about deep berry shades. With my complexion (fair) I have always assumed I would look like a vampire or goth kid but it was so beautiful. My husband is the one that actually said “that looks really good” and somewhere in my brain it clicked “heck yes it does, we are going to be wearing this ALL THE TIME”. Then I had to do the internal argument where I convince my brain that you can’t wear bright berry shades everywhere. The color is pigmented, dark, stains the lips even after the sheen has worn off and is a brilliant shade on light skin tones. I will say that it didn’t seem like it would last very long but I was drinking water, kissing my husbands head to see the lipstick marks and just being ridiculous in general.

Wet n’ Wild Lipstick – “Pink Ice” 

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I wasn’t a huge fan of this shade. I like the color on the skin but when I put it on my lips it looks like I slathered icing on them. It was so frosty that all I saw was pink and a sheen of silver. To be fair this was a “satin finish” lip product so that is probably what they were going for. With my complexion and makeup preferences this wouldn’t be something I would ever wear. The plus side is I got to try it out for only a dollar which is amazing and crazy. Honestly, I might try this out with a lipgloss over it or with some kind of powder to tone down the shimmer.

Lip Smackers – “Strawberry” and “Watermelon” 

This was a two-pack of Lip Smacker’s lip balms in their classic scents so how was I supposed to pass on the chance to be a preteen again? They smelled like Blink 182 songs, the mall, and not knowing that overalls with Winnie the Pooh characters on them weren’t cool. These are still amazing… you should get some and think about dumb things you wrote in yearbooks with me.

examples: HAKAS! Let’s hang this summer! We didn’t talk much, have a cool one! I signed your crack!

Overall, the lip products were such amazing and thrifty purchases. If you want to pickup some lipsticks to try out in different shades but don’t want to waste money I would highly suggest The Dollar Tree. Stick around in the next week to see my review of the eye products that I got at The Dollar Tree.

Have A Kick Ass Summer!



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