3 Tips for a Sick Parent Dealing with a Sick Baby

This past week has been tissues, boogers, gunky eyes, and doctors’ appointments. Baby P and I have pink eye and respiratory issues. It sucks to be out of work and working from home because you are sick, but it’s even worse when you need to take care of someone else who is also sick. Exhaustion kicks in after a couple of days and you want to snuggle them to make them feel better but you don’t have the energy. As a parent, you pull all of the remaining energy you have to ensure that they are comfortable and are starting to feel better.

Feeling sick also happened to fall the week before I start traveling for work and that Saturday was a 5k my mom signed us up for months ago. I needed to get better quickly so I could do the 5k and be ready for my presentations for work. I knew I couldn’t bail on the run because we had been talking about it for months so I walked it and it helped clear my chest up a little and I regained my voice. I’m resting and prepping for travel and my presentations on Tuesday and Wednesday for work. They say when it rains it pours and with a sick baby P and mom it 100% does.

Waiting at the doctor


If you and your little one are sick, here are some things I would suggest (and no, I don’t always follow my own advice):

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself. There are a million reasons why you will feel guilty over the course of your life; don’t let missing work or having a messy house when you are sick be the hill you die on.
  2. Drink lots of water. I’m the worst at this but have gotten a lot better over the years. Drink water to help break-up whatever is going on in your chest, to give you more energy and to replenish the liquids that you are coming out of your nose and mouth.
  3. Be honest about the situation. Tell your boss, significant other, parents etc. what is going on so they know you aren’t bailing on them and that you do care about work, life, them, the house. You just need some time to recoup and you’ll be as good as new. Your priority is your sweet baby and yourself right now and that’s okay.

Running the Crawfish 5K

I’ve been in my pajamas for days now, there are at least three dirty burp rags, a bib covered in some sort of baby food and blocks spread across my living room floor, and it doesn’t bother me. P is starting to go back to her old self and I can actually talk without my throat burning so I would count it as a win. Rest, medication and snuggles are all we needed to get back to feeling better. I don’t know how people can handle two sick babies and being sick. Maybe there will be a post in the future (far future) about how to deal with that.

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