A Not-So Perfect Holiday Season

This holiday season it hasn’t been difficult necessarily to get in the Christmas spirit, it’s just been a slow process. With P only being a little over a year old, she doesn’t “get” Christmas. The meaning of the season, the lights, the joy all of it is a little more than she can understand. One thing she does love about the holiday season is the Trolls Holiday Special. She can watch that on repeat all day long and would have no issues. There were so many things I wanted to do to celebrate together as a family but the days flew by and now it’s Christmas Eve night. Santa will be coming for a certain good girl and the grandparents will be over to see her get her Santa gifts for the first time. Although we didn’t get to all of the things I would have liked to do I know that there is more to the season.


Here are the things we didn’t do:

  • Ride around looking at Christmas lights with hot cocoa
  • See the tree lighting downtown
  • Attend the local apple cider festival (it was snowing to be fair)
  • Read Christmas stories every night leading up to Christmas
  • Advent book gifts leading up to Christmas Eve
  • Take pictures in our matching pajamas
  • Sugar cookies using the Christmas shaped cookie cutters
  • Make pretzels covered in chocolate for co-workers
  • Find an angel for the top of the tree
  • Take pictures with Santa



While writing that list I was a little sad that we didn’t get to all of those things during December. I also started thinking about the wonderful things we did do:

  • P saw and touched snow for the first time
  • We received more Christmas cards than we ever have before
  • I made custom cards and sent them out to all of our family and friends
  • We received a Christmas art piece from P (and her school)
  • We received our first ornament from P’s school
  • Hung up a “days until Christmas sign” (and sort of stayed on top of it)
  • Spent a day out in the leaves with P
  • Bought and wore matching family pajamas
  • Watched a holiday special of one of P’s favorite movies
  • Had a Christmas movie night with family
  • Sponsored a child through a local organization for Christmas
  • Made food from scratch for the company Christmas party
  • Hosting Christmas at our house
  • Spending Christmas Eve with my two favorite people
  • Spent Christmas Even morning in church


Although we didn’t get to do all of the “traditional” Christmas things, I’m glad we have been able to spend the amount of time together that we have. Many families are apart a lot during the holidays to earn more money for presents or for other heartbreaking reasons and I’m thankful to be with mine cozy and sitting by the tree. Christmas is so much more than taking pictures with Santa, getting the perfect #famjam picture or doing a Pinterest perfect advent. Tomorrow morning my parents will be here for P’s first Santa gift, the rest of the family will be over after and it will be a day full of perfectly imperfect cheer.


My hope for you and your family is to experience a wondrous Christmas full of love, laughter and joy. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

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