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    Satan, You’re Not Welcome Here

    I’ve struggled with anxiety for the greater part of my life. I’ve seen counselors, doctors, taken medication, done yoga, breathing exercises and anything else I could find to get it under control. Thankfully, I haven’t struggled with my anxiety and panic attacks for over a year. There are moments occasionally where I feel anxious and it feels like the anxiety is in control again. My husband was traveling for work and I thought I heard noises in the house. Logically I know it’s because the house is creaking but my illogical fight or flight instinct was kicking in. I laid in be in a panic until I remembered a phrase…

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    A Big God

    For the past 6 weeks I’ve been doing Matt Chandler’s Bible Study “The Explicit Gospel.” It’s our Women’s Summer Study and I was very excited when I heard it was going to be a book by Matt Chandler. I listen to the Village Church podcast as often as I can and I’m always impressed at how clearly and bluntly Matt can communicate big, important and complicated topics. This week is our final week and I’m sad to see it be completed. Every week I feel like I’m diving head first into who God is and catching a glimpse of how big His glory is. I keep mentioning the word “big”…

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    Top Takeaways from Women of the Word

    A topic my husband and I talk about constantly is time. We don’t have enough of it, aren’t using it wisely, thought we used to have none before we had our daughter but now we really don’t have any… I’m sure you have these same thoughts. What’s funny is, with as little time as we had before we have even less now. Time is a precious commodity and we all want to use it effectively. Sometimes that means we miss events, stay at home more and have less time for relaxing. One of the first things that I cast aside when I became a mom was reading. When I was…

  • To The New Christian Who Feels Like a Fake

    To The New Christian Who Feels Like A Fake

    Accepting the Lord into your heart and knowing that He has saved you can feel like the most refreshing and humbling moment in a new Christian’s life. It can also be the shining moment before an inward spiral of self-doubt. When I was saved, there was a series of events that the Lord led me through that showed me his loving grace. I was on top of the world, basking in his love, gathering every book I could to learn more about Him and looking for the perfect church. That was the exciting period but shortly after finding the perfect (for me) church, the anxiety started. I was in small…

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    How to Make a Unique and Effective Bible Journal

    It can be a lot of work trying to find the perfect journal to keep all of your sermon notes, Bible studies, challenges etc. in and it can take a lot of money to find something that might not even be what you are looking for. I recently cleaned out my office so I could actually start using it. If you are a planner/journal/stationary girl like I am, you know exactly what I found… notebooks and planners piled up on bookshelves and in drawers. Some of them had scribbles that went all the way to the center binding, others had a couple of pages worth of notes. Why do I…