Best Infant Outfit for Summer

We’ve all been there… you are driving and smell what can only be the peaches from earlier this afternoon. You look in the rear-view mirror and in the baby mirror is a smile a mile wide. They know exactly what is going on and are happy as can be but you on the other hand are regretting that button-up with capri combo you picked out.

We have been fortunate that family and friends gave us boxes full of clothes so we haven’t had to buy anything. We have saved a ton of money buying clothes but we’ve also had to stop ourselves from buying because P didn’t NEED it. Lately our favorite outfits to put her in are these adorable rompers with strawberries on the butt. The best thing about them is that we can change her diaper without taking her entire outfit off.  So when she smiles about the peaches from earlier I don’t grimace quite as much.

Baby Rompers for Summer

If you have a little one and need to pick-up some new clothes for the summer here are my top 3 reasons rompers are your best choice:

  1. Easy diaper access – during the summer you are on the move and will need to be able to change a dirty diaper. Instead of having an onesie and shorts the baby is just in one outfit much like an onesie but cuter.
  2. Baby keeps cool – multiple layers of clothes in the summer could overheat your little one and having one piece of clothing is a lot cooler than a top and shorts.
  3. Baby can stay mobile – there are so many onesie, cardigan, dress, hat combos that I would love for P to wear but she pulls them all off or they restrict her movement and she hates them. I would rather her be able to get her butt moving when she wants to start crawling instead of being bogged down by clothes to make me happy.

Popsicle romper

While at Target, we spotted several from Cat and Jack that came out for the summer so we of course grabbed five. Every mom I know is in love with the brand. It’s easy to see why, they are affordable, durable and beautifully made. With all the summer activities coming up, P is going to be summer ready and prepared for splish-splashing, picnicking and fun in the sun while mom is happy to have one outfit to put on and take off.

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