Bloody Noses and Not Being Perfect

Last night was really difficult, husband had the iPad on so the light was in my eyes and with my allergies I then had a headache, the baby was up and down all night and then when I finally went to sleep the baby was up again. Then like a knight in shining pajama armor my husband went to go get her and wakes me up to the fact that there is blood all in her bed and on her face.

She has been sick for a while now with a cold and allergies. She’s been so snotty that we haven’t even thought about turning on the humidifier because she didn’t have a dry nose, she had a faucet. Then this morning my husband says there is blood everywhere and her nose is bleeding. I don’t think I could have shot out of the bed quicker.

There covered in snot, tears and spit was my sweet baby girl with blood all over her face. He cleaned her up while I commenced freaking out. All I could do was be upset with myself for not getting up when she first started crying and fussing. If I got up could I have prevented her from being so upset or from having a bloody nose?

The short answer? No. No, I couldn’t stop her nose from bleeding last night because it was dry. I could have had the humidifier on to help her with her allergies and cold but I didn’t. Could I have gotten up with her when she fussed and prevented her from being upset? Sure, but it wouldn’t have worked. She was hungry and didn’t care at all about her nose. As soon as she had her bottle, she was right as rain. She wasn’t crying because she had blood coming out of her nose. She was upset because she’s a baby and was hungry.

As I said in a previous post, I’m working on giving myself grace. I could be upset with myself and wallow in self-pity about how I’m the worst mom ever. Instead, I drank a butt ton of coffee, was thankful my husband is such an amazing partner and carried on with my day.


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