BoxyCharm – Worth it?

If I asked you to pay me $21 and I would in return give you $130 worth of beauty products would you be interested? That is the offer that BoxyCharm presents to scores of beauty product lovers everywhere. The company doesn’t guarantee the box being worth that much, in fact they don’t guarantee a value at all, all they do guarantee is that you will receive 4-5 full-size beauty products every month.

I stumbled across BoxyCharm while on the hunt to find the best subscription box for the price and products. Previously I had only been spending $10 and spending $21 seemed a bit steep for products I had never heard of before. Then after watching YouTube videos and reading reviews I made my decision. I picked BoxyCharm for a couple of reasons:

  • 4-5 Full-Sized Products
  • Brand Names
  • Consistently high value boxes over the past year
  • No negative reviews

I was afraid when I signed up that I wouldn’t receive the box for July, fortunately they send out to you regardless of when you signed up within the month until they run out of boxes. There are other boxes where there are long wait-lists and it can take months to receive your first box.

The box came in after about 10 days and the products inside were really great quality. On their Instagram and Facebook accounts they give followers hints as to what you will be receiving that month so I knew what some of the products would be. I was pleasantly surprised at a long lasting lip liner from OFRA as well as the Vasanti Professional Blush Brush. I’m very excited for next month and to see if the boxes continue to exceed my expectations. Below is a list of everything I received, a quick description of each product and more information about BoxyCharm.

$130 Value

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