$10 Dollar Tree Haul and Review: Part One – Lip Products


To explain where this idea came from you need to know that  I watch a ton of  YouTube beauty guru’s and one that I have watched a lot is “JAMBeauty89” or Jessica Braun. Yesterday I was catching up on some of her videos and came across her series on makeup from The Dollar Tree. To give some insight into my marriage, my poor Hubs is always having to listen to the gurus and actually knows them by name now because I watch them so often. This also means he has a keen instinct when I want to go buy something that I’ve seen online. So today he asked when I wanted to go to The Dollar Store and I was very excited and unprepared. Typically I have something specific in mind when we go buy makeup but this time it was a free-for-all. I ended up with 6 lip products, 3 liquid eye-liners and one eye-shadow all for under $10. Today we are going to be looking at the lipsticks and lip crayon that I picked up.

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NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil – Milk

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful and relaxing week. If you connected with me via Instagram this weekend you saw I a ton of swatches for #SwatchSaturday! I’m going to be sharing my opinions on those different swatches later on this week but today I wanted to chat about a NYX pencil that I’ve been using most days but haven’t stopped to actually test if it is working or not. I know it’s ridiculous, who uses makeup without being sure it actually working? This girl, yep right over here.

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Swatch Saturdays – On Friday’s We Eat Chocolate

Hi All! This weekend I’m starting a new segment called #SwatchSaturdays on my Instagram. I’m going to be posting the swatch images on Instagram and on the blog I’m going to be giving my real and unbiased opinions on the makeup. I’ve already swatched some gorgeous chocolatey shadows from an assortment of brands. If you follow me on Instagram you saw the picture below without the brand labels. Did you guess the brands correctly; did any of them surprise you?


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BoxyCharm – Worth it?

If I asked you to pay me $21 and I would in return give you $130 worth of beauty products would you be interested? That is the offer that BoxyCharm presents to scores of beauty product lovers everywhere. The company doesn’t guarantee the box being worth that much, in fact they don’t guarantee a value at all, all they do guarantee is that you will receive 4-5 full-size beauty products every month.

I stumbled across BoxyCharm while on the hunt to find the best subscription box for the price and products. Previously I had only been spending $10 and spending $21 seemed a bit steep for products I had never heard of before. Then after watching YouTube videos and reading reviews I made my decision. I picked BoxyCharm for a couple of reasons:

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Deep Satisfaction of the Mind

Growing up I was a tomboy, I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup and my choice of clothes was based on what would let me run faster than all of the other kids in class. It wasn’t until much later in life that I owned makeup and it took many years after that to learn what to do with it.

It can be difficult to attempt to enhance your style without any kind of direction outside of what you see in magazines or on television. Anxiety and self-consciousness can sway your opinion of yourself and can also lead you to believe that looking, acting and dressing like the people in the media is the only way to truly be admired by others for your looks.

As an adult, you start to see that beauty really is who you see in the mirror. I have come so far in finding my personal beauty and have miles to go to look in the mirror and not second-guess myself. Everyone has a different path to walk and to discover what makes them feel beautiful.

In this blog I hope to share what I have learned about beauty, finding my confidence and being true to who I am.