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    Top Takeaways from Women of the Word

    A topic my husband and I talk about constantly is time. We don’t have enough of it, aren’t using it wisely, thought we used to have none before we had our daughter but now we really don’t have any… I’m sure you have these same thoughts. What’s funny is, with as little time as we had before we have even less now. Time is a precious commodity and we all want to use it effectively. Sometimes that means we miss events, stay at home more and have less time for relaxing. One of the first things that I cast aside when I became a mom was reading. When I was…

  • To The New Christian Who Feels Like a Fake

    To The New Christian Who Feels Like A Fake

    Accepting the Lord into your heart and knowing that He has saved you can feel like the most refreshing and humbling moment in a new Christian’s life. It can also be the shining moment before an inward spiral of self-doubt. When I was saved, there was a series of events that the Lord led me through that showed me his loving grace. I was on top of the world, basking in his love, gathering every book I could to learn more about Him and looking for the perfect church. That was the exciting period but shortly after finding the perfect (for me) church, the anxiety started. I was in small…

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    A Not-So Perfect Holiday Season

    This holiday season it hasn’t been difficult necessarily to get in the Christmas spirit, it’s just been a slow process. With P only being a little over a year old, she doesn’t “get” Christmas. The meaning of the season, the lights, the joy all of it is a little more than she can understand. One thing she does love about the holiday season is the Trolls Holiday Special. She can watch that on repeat all day long and would have no issues. There were so many things I wanted to do to celebrate together as a family but the days flew by and now it’s Christmas Eve night. Santa will…

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    Sermon Recap – Admiration

    I can’t imagine what Mary was thinking when an angel descended upon her and said she was going to be a pregnant virgin giving birth to the son of God. I try to put myself in her place, a young girl who is engaged, ready to begin her new life with her husband and then instead she’s told she is going to have the child of God. There was no “oh but what will my husband and everyone else think?” She just accepted it and said that whatever the Lord wanted she would do. She had so much love and veneration for God that in such a scary situation she…

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    Little Miracles

    Stepping out of the office today we were greeted by a sight not common for south Texas. Little flurries of ice were falling from the sky trying their hardest to cover every surface available. It was beautiful to see the light reflecting off the ice as it fell to the ground, it was not so beautiful to be in traffic with Texans who are not accustomed to driving in the snow. As a native Texan myself, I give them slack because weather here is like a grab bag any given day. In the winter, some days it’s 20 degrees and other days it’s so hot that people are swimming on…