Designer Diaper Bag for a Discount

I have always been one of those people that never wanted to buy anything used. After having hand-me-downs for so long, I never wanted to be in the position where I couldn’t buy what I wanted new. I also couldn’t get out of my head that no matter how much I cleaned things it would never actually be clean. Then when we started to look at what we could spend on the remaining items for the baby, I noticed a gap between the cost of what I wanted and what we could actually afford. The original bag that I wanted was the Jujube Be Prepared, which retails for around $200. I know, $200 for a diaper bag is absolutely ridiculous but at the time I was thinking “this one is so cute and it’s got perfect reviews, everyone says it’s the one to get”. When my reality check finally hit I started looking for bags that are more reasonably priced but I still wanted one with good reviews that wouldn’t fall apart. I found some but none of them really stuck with me and I started to get frustrated. This is when I did what old me would have considered desperate and looked on Facebook Marketplace.

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Watch Football for Free, Legally

Every fall we face the same dilemma; we want to save money, but we also want to watch the Texans play. My husband and I have been playing fantasy football over 15 years combined, so it isn’t something we can easily give up. The downside is that we don’t want to shell out $150+ every month just to watch football three days a week. My main issue is that $900+ to watch football is ridiculous and that is without signing a yearlong contract. We have had the conversation countless times with friends and family that if there were a service where we could just watch football then we would pay for that no problem.

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