Super Simple Sweet Potatoes

Parents want to feed their babies the healthiest and freshest food but it’s a lot easier to open a container of food than to make something every time they’re hungry. The cost can also add up if you are only buying pre-made baby food. Even though they seem like they don’t cost a ton (typically around $1.50 for two containers) the cost to make your own is much more affordable.

Large Sweet PotatoesP really loves strawberries and bananas so it’s safe to say she likes sugary foods. I had been making her foods that I knew she liked like carrots and squash so I thought I would switch it up to something that was sweet but also savory. When I was researching the different types of foods to feed babies sweet potato kept showing up because they are high in vitamin A and C. It was a bit of a mess to make but it’s always fun to make something tasty and to see her smile and attempt to say “yum.” I’ve never been the type to want to cook but I love watching cooking shows so this is my way of cooking for the family (my husband is much better).

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Easy DIY Baby Food

When I was pregnant, we talked about the way we would do everything once P was here. We were only going to feed her breastmilk then switch to organic food that we made ourselves. It’s funny how we plan things out and then how they actually happen. If you’ve been reading this blog you’ll know that P is allergic to milk protein so the breastmilk thing was thrown out the window. We also bought her food to try it out which worked really well for us. It actually still works for us but I wanted to try my hand at making her food.

Carrot Baby Food

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Your Kid Should Attend Sex Ed

This post is for the parents who won’t let their kids attend sexual education and won’t teach their kids anything besides abstinence. I know it’s a very specific targeted group of folks but they should definitely read what I have to say.

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My Breastfeeding Nightmare

A woman is standing at the front of the room with a knit scarf that has a large breast on each end. There are baby dolls lying on tables in front of each couple and 70+ PowerPoint slides covered in text from top to bottom that are meticulously read instead of just a couple of bullet points… this was our version of hell.

My husband and I are preparers, we like to have things ready to go and know exactly what is going to happen. That is how we found ourselves listening to a lady with a monotone voice go over how to properly massage the nipple at 8pm on a weekday. Friends of ours had opted to take the parenting course that was covered all on a Saturday but we didn’t want to give up our time for that so we opted into the once a week for four weeks course. Everything about the course up until the last one on breastfeeding had been great and not as awkward. Then this lady happened…

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Best Infant Outfit for Summer

We’ve all been there… you are driving and smell what can only be the peaches from earlier this afternoon. You look in the rear-view mirror and in the baby mirror is a smile a mile wide. They know exactly what is going on and are happy as can be but you on the other hand are regretting that button-up with capri combo you picked out.

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