Fun and Frugalfest Challenge

If you research personal finance or budgeting at all then you know that most people consider it a taboo topic. They will write about it but won’t openly discuss it, mainly because it is seen as rude to talk about how much you make, how much your house cost, how much money you owe in student loans and so on. What if instead of being ashamed or feeling like failures we actively made small changes to better ourselves and our situations?

If instead of it being a race to keep up with the Jones’s (who aren’t that great anyway) we all planned a night a month to do a potluck and play board games we already own, or watch a movie that is streaming. It isn’t as glamorous as taking selfies in front of the hip new downtown restaurant but it also isn’t going to cost you $40 a plate either.

I know I’m guilty of wanting to go eat a fancy brunch with bottomless mimosas (pregnant me misses them so much) and grits that I could NEVER make at home. But at the same time, I’ve never invited people over to have brunch where everyone brings something and we spend the morning listening to 90’s hits and making pancakes, but I could.

That’s where this month’s personal money challenge comes in. I’ve decided that October is going to be Fun and Frugalfest (I live in a German town with a lot of –fests).

This challenge consists of:
  • Do 3 fun things with friends or family without spending $
    1. Can buy specific items from the grocery store if it stays below budget
  • Have an at-home date night without spending $
    1. This needs to be an actual date night and not just dinner and television on the couch

I can already see some pitfalls and how I might end up failing this challenge but I guess it wouldn’t be a “challenge” if it was super easy. I’m not known for cooking, don’t really have people over to my house and really enjoy sitting down for a nice meal with my husband… so this will be interesting.

I’ll be updating ya’ll on how it’s going and whether or not I’ve completely screwed it up as the month progresses. I know there are other major challenges like not spending any money at all for an entire month (No Spendtember), but with the baby on the way, we never know if expenditures are going to pop up. I’ll also be sharing the fun and cost-efficient activities we end up doing as posts on the blog or social media so you can do the same if you decide to participate.

Let me know if you guys have any suggestions on different food, games, or movies that are on Netflix that I should add to my Frugalfest list. I’m already thinking up ways I can rope my friends and family members into coming and hanging out on a weekday or weeknight while I type this out… alcohol will probably have to be involved.

6 thoughts on “Fun and Frugalfest Challenge

    1. Thank you! I think we will probably cook dinner together and maybe do a DIY project or something like that. We typically spend the evening on the couch so it’s going to be hard not to default to that ;).

  1. Good Luck with Frugal Fest! Thank you for linking back to my No Spendtember at Gracious Luck! I’m happy its over but also proud of myself for being able to do it! I’m excited to follow along.

    1. Thank you! Your post actually inspired me to make a challenge that would be semi-difficult so I could eventually do a no-spend month! Loved your post and I’m glad you’ll be following along :).

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