Going Home

First Time Home Buyer

After years of hard work and determination, the hubs and I have reached the point in our lives where we can purchase our first home. Growing up I lived my childhood packing and unpacking cardboard boxes. My parents would rent homes that they couldn’t afford which meant we were constantly moving around. The positive was the feeling of unpacking and meticulously putting my books and dolls in the new places where they would live for a couple of months. For a long period of time we lived with my grandparents who had a wonderful home. It was beautiful, clean, and had everything a kid could want to play with. As a teenager, I moved in with my father who had an actual home or place I could start to call home. I was there until I graduated from high school. Since then, I have been in different apartments, cities and have never really felt like I have had a place to call home. 

This is why in my mind this is such a large achievement. To be in my twenties and purchasing a home is such a stretch from where I imagined myself ending up. You always map out in your mind (or at least I do) where you will be years from now and you don’t know 100% that it will happen. Now that we are in the process of going and looking with our realtor, the real stress has begun. Finding a house we both like, in our budget, that isn’t too far away from the highway has been close to impossible. So far, we have found a couple that we like but ideally, we would like to end up “on the hill” which is a nicer area in town.

Ultimately, I have one goal and that is to finally go home. I want to go home to a place that is ours, a house that has a backyard to run in and a kitchen bar or island to laugh around. I want my future children to never feel lost or the empty longing to belong somewhere. While I wait for the perfect house to fall out of the sky, I’ll continue my search and keep all of you updated on the hunt for our home. 

If you have any house hunting tips or if you found your dream home I would love to hear about it.

Talk to y’all soon.


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