Little Miracles

Stepping out of the office today we were greeted by a sight not common for south Texas. Little flurries of ice were falling from the sky trying their hardest to cover every surface available. It was beautiful to see the light reflecting off the ice as it fell to the ground, it was not so beautiful to be in traffic with Texans who are not accustomed to driving in the snow. As a native Texan myself, I give them slack because weather here is like a grab bag any given day. In the winter, some days it’s 20 degrees and other days it’s so hot that people are swimming on Christmas. Either way, the drive home ended up being a lot longer than it typically is which means a lot of time to think.

The drive home this evening was filled with thoughts of renewal, rebirth, starting over, starting anew, all brought to me by banks of lovely white snow on the sides of the road. The husband and I have been talking about January 2018 being a kickoff to new things. We have a couple of things we are hoping to really get going in 2018:

  • New Chore Process (we’ve started and are tweaking in Dec)
  • Getting up earlier to eat and get out the door in the morning (work in progress)
  • Focus on the family – if what we are doing isn’t moving the family forward, we aren’t going to do it
  • Focusing on our budget to pay off debt

We’ve started working on some of it to ramp up to January but others have been continuous projects since we’ve been together, we have just decided to really hit them hard.

As I tried to not stare at the snowy parking lots and fields covered in frost I couldn’t help but think of what a blessing the snow is. Seeing it fall on a random Thursday night, so close to Christmas, reminded me of how cherished we are and how loving the Lord is. I hope I continue noticing little miracles like snow in south Texas. I know it is the Lord stoking the flame to burn even brighter in my heart.


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