My 4 Must Have Items For Traveling When You’re Sick

I just had to do something I swore I would never do… use a cloth napkin as a tissue. I know, I’m gross but I didn’t have a choice. Let me explain how this came to happen…

P is climbing on me coughing in my face but I love her cute cheeks and so I let her. She Flying to Utahchews on her hands and then rubs them on my face trying to stick them in my mouth. It’s when she is being the cutest that I slip up and let her stick her sick germs in my mouth or near my face. This was on Monday, a day I had taken off to relax and get ready for upcoming travel starting on Tuesday. Monday my nose starts running and I’m not feeling so hot but eh I shrug it off thinking it’s allergies. Then when I’m sitting in the airport at the butt crack of dawn I realize I have her cold. I’m hoping that it’s a 24 hour thing and that it goes away before my first session, I wasn’t that lucky.

My nose stopped running by the time I got to the hotel and had made my way down to the restaurant when it decided it was a good time to fully kick into gear. My cold body slammed me and my nose started running like crazy. I kept doing the awkward wipe away thing but they didn’t have any paper napkins. I had two options… run like the wind to the elevator and up to my room (not on the first floor) hoping no one notices, skipping out on my bill and looking like a lunatic or wiping my nose on the cloth napkin. I wasn’t going to run out on my bill and there were no paper napkins in the entire place so I was a heathen for the evening.

What is even more embarrassing is I ALWAYS have tissues with me. I bring them with me everywhere I go. I have crazy allergies so I try to keep them in my car, purse, desk, backpack, wherever so I don’t end up in that situation.

While I sat there pretending to wipe my mouth for the hundredth time I thought, “There has to be someone else who’s been in this situation.” So for those other folks who are sick while traveling, this one is for you.

Here are my top four travel must haves when you are sick:


TissuesIf you read any of the above paragraphs, you’d know that you can be stuck in some awkward situations if you don’t have your own tissues. Don’t be like cloth napkin nose wiping me. If you are sick and about to get on a plane you are about to be in a very uncomfortable position. You need to bring your own tissues to avoid asking for napkins numerous times and from destroying your nostrils with hard paper napkins. I can’t think of a flight I’ve been on where I didn’t need a tissue or napkin let alone when my nose is like a faucet. Now I would suggest just not going on your trip if you are sick but sometimes it is unavoidable and dates can’t be moved.


Your lips get really dry when you are sick and if you let them continue to get more and more dry they will split and crack. There is nothing worse on a vacation or business meeting than your lip splitting, especially if you are the one presenting. You can also bring a small container of Vaseline instead so you can use a tiny bit in your nostrils in case so much wiping is irritating them.

Pill versions of cold medicine

If you feel like you are getting a cold, stop before you get to the airport and pick up thepill version of the medicine you’ll need. For me, the packets only had 4 pills in them so only two days’ worth and they cost $3 a pack. I had to buy a couple of those and then Nyquil versions as well. It started to add up and I know I’m going to be in a situation where I’ll need them again. I’m going to keep mine in my travel items bag because it’s inevitable that I’ll catch another one of P’s colds before a work trip.

Travel Pills


Water at the hotel was also $3 a bottle and the vending machine wasn’t working so I was stuck with that price. I could have gone to the corner store and bought a pack of 24 for around $5 but I felt like crap so I just paid for the $3 bottles. If you feel like you are getting sick you need to stay hydrated so pick up a pack of water and save yourself unnecessary cost and annoyance at having to go buy more waters. You’re going to need them to take your medicine, when you wake up coughing in the middle of the night and on the way to wherever you are going.

Traveling Essentials When You're Sick

I head out again in a couple of weeks and I’m hoping that I don’t still have this cold. I’m home but my nose is still running, I’ve switched to liquid Day and Nyquil and my sweet P still wants kisses. If she does give me a cold again at least I have the pills already purchased and I’ll make myself go to the store before I get to the hotel.

I think the next time I’m in a cloth napkin situation I’ll just ask the waiter if they have a box of tissues in the back.

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