Deep Satisfaction of the Mind

Growing up I was a tomboy, I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup and my choice of clothes was based on what would let me run faster than all of the other kids in class. It wasn’t until much later in life that I owned makeup and it took many years after that to learn what to do with it.

It can be difficult to attempt to enhance your style without any kind of direction outside of what you see in magazines or on television. Anxiety and self-consciousness can sway your opinion of yourself and can also lead you to believe that looking, acting and dressing like the people in the media is the only way to truly be admired by others for your looks.

As an adult, you start to see that beauty really is who you see in the mirror. I have come so far in finding my personal beauty and have miles to go to look in the mirror and not second-guess myself. Everyone has a different path to walk and to discover what makes them feel beautiful.

In this blog I hope to share what I have learned about beauty, finding my confidence and being true to who I am.



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