Remodeling a Home for Less than $20

We’ve been in our house for about a year and a half but it is just now starting to feel somewhat homey. When we bought it, we were so ambitious about getting a fixer upper. We are your typical HGTV, DIY junkies who loved to watch someone remodel a kitchen in a weekend on Sunday mornings. We were adamant that we didn’t want a house that was “done” because it wouldn’t be what we wanted but what someone else wanted. Little did we know that we are not Chip and Joanna Gaines as much as we would like to think we are. Have you ever tried to paint the interior of your house? It takes FOREVER to do it correctly. We did one wall in our game room and it took an entire weekend. The thing you don’t notice on TV are the large crews moving in and out of frame that are helping to do everything.

Who knew that painting a wall meant researching the type of paint… latex or oil? Buying a special chemical to clean the walls off with, getting a tarp so you don’t get paint everywhere, rollers, the sticks to attach to the rollers, (I keep going for a bit so you can skip to the end of the sentence) the special brush that does edges, the brush that does crown molding, the paint, the rags to wipe off the special cleaning chemical, primer, the list is massive. Then there is the time you have to put into all of it. Thankfully we attempted painting before baby P was around. We knew after an entire weekend, which might have been two honestly, that we were going to have to pay someone to do this thing we were so dead-set on doing.

We have done so much to the house from replacing doors to replacing all of the fixtures like the knobs and even putting in specialty outlet covers. Next up on our to-do list are the floors and to have the bathrooms completely updated. Even though our sights are set on big-ticket items, I’ve started to do things that believe it or not have increased that at-home feeling that didn’t cost much. I started small with getting a gossip table for front entryway when we first moved in. It’s an antique that a neighbor was selling at a garage sale and it’s my favorite piece of furniture in the house.

Then there are the “Home” signs we have up on the walls. My sister made a joke about all of the items we have that say home (we had several in a small area to be fair), but finally being able to settle into one place is a big deal for the both of us. When we lived in apartments all we wanted was to have one place we could settle into and really become comfortable in and that is what we are reminded of with those signs.

More recently, I’ve been updating frames from garage sales or Goodwill (solid wood and $3, can’t beat it). Along the stairs in the $3 frames that are updated from 80’s light wood to an oil rubbed bronze with a newly spray-painted white backing are baby P’s school art projects. Waiting beside the fireplace is our first family portrait to be hung above the mantle. The family frame was a steal at a garage sale $1.50, with a mat in it. I cut the mat to fit the size of our picture; spray painted the mat to update the coloring and cleaned the frame off. For less than $20, I’ve put our lives up on our walls. We can celebrate those moments, think back on times we have shared and feel even more at peace in our home. Sometimes remodeling a home doesn’t just mean tearing up the floors. Sometimes it is the heart you put into it.

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