Three-Day Weekend

I’m not really a big cleaner… I like things to be clean but I dislike cleaning unless I’m in the mood for it. It sounds lazy and it probably is, but it’s the truth. Until today my closet was full of maternity clothes, baby P’s clothes that don’t fit anymore and uncomfortable shirts from previous jobs. Something clicked for me this morning (I think it was picking up a white mocha) and for my husband as well. Without saying anything, we went into spring-cleaning mode.

With it being the end of the month, we started with planning for the month ahead and finalizing the previous month. That consists of:

  • Update the whiteboard calendar in the breakfast nook with travel, appointments and important dates
  • Update the budget whiteboard in the bedroom with the amounts spent/saved
  • Update my planner to reflect important dates from the whiteboard calendar

I was exhausted after traveling so I spent Saturday and Sunday playing with baby P and lying around the house. My husband was hell bent on fixing the fence so he spent most of Sunday doing that. After doing the calendars, I headed to the grocery store and picked up a handful of items we needed for the week.

baby setup in parents room

Baby P had been sleeping in her pack ‘n play since she was about 3 months old and we decided that we might as well bring her crib downstairs. We had joked that she took over our room when she was a newborn but now she really has half of the room. The television was on the dresser but we never watched it so it was moved upstairs, her changing table was moved onto the dresser and her crib is where the pack ‘n play was.

Here are my 5 tips for doing a semi-deep clean: 

  1. Pull out clothes you never wear or don’t fit so you can donate them
  2. Throw out expired medication or products
  3. Purchase bins to store maternity and small baby clothes
  4. At the end of every month update your calendars to keep on track
  5. Make things as easy on yourself as possible. If that means moving everything into one room then that is what is best for you. Rooms can be used for anything you need them to be.

With the room completely moved around, I started going through our closet and the dresser to remove clothes that didn’t fit. Baby P is too big for her size 3 outfits so those got pulled, maternity outfits got pulled, shirts from companies I don’t work for anymore got pulled and clothes that don’t fit anymore got pulled. My husband pulled his clothes as well and now we have two bags full of clothes to donate.

spring cleaning donations

Our Amazon order also came in this morning which included baby P’s new Fisher Price bouncer. Before the bouncer was put together, she started chewing on all of the parts so I knew she would love it. As soon as she was sitting in the seat, she started to go crazy and bounced on her tippy toes for several hours. Eventually she fell asleep sitting in the bouncer with her head against the back and then moved to the front area.

Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer

We are ending this long weekend with a clean house, organized closet and dresser, happy bouncy baby and planned month.

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