Sweating the Small Stuff

Baby P is allergic to milk protein, which means for the first month of her life all she did was scream because we had no idea. This lead to nights running into days and hours becoming a series of feed, rock, hold, soothe, snuggle, feed, scream, scream, scream and finally go to sleep while lying in our arms. You would think that now that she is actually sleeping we revel in the fact that we only have to wake up a couple of times a week at four a.m. to get her up… but no. We are thankful that she is a good sleeper and that we started sleep training so early on but we still argue about who is going to get up with her.

Like any couple who has a four month old, both work, are improving a house, cleaning said house and doing normal life things we are both tired. Baby P has also moved into the being sick stage of childhood where she catches a cold at school and brings it home to share (she’s sweet like that). At any given moment one of us has a cough, runny nose, is taking antibiotics, washing our hands 100 times a day and trying to rest.

This is where the frustration sets in. We are both tired, both semi-sick, both work and both love each other and Baby P so we want to help the other but we are also struggling to get out of the bed to get much needed tissues. So who gets up in the middle of the night? Is it the person who is the least sick or the person who didn’t get up the last time? Should I let the other person rest or should I get my sleep so I can take care of her in the daytime?

We don’t have this 100% figured out because the answer is always it depends. My husband is an amazing man. He is considerate and gets up with her first thing in the morning a majority of the time. I on the other hand usually get her when it is in the smack dab middle of the night so I’m beat when her morning breakfast time cry starts. My husband also will get up with her in the middle of the night and let me sleep. Other times I’ll get up with her and stay up with her to let him sleep. It’s just those rare situations where someone says in a joking tone “well I got them last night, it’s your turn tonight” that can throw things off balance.

You want to take it as a joke and know that you should be the one to get up because he did get up with her the night before, but shouldn’t that be understood? Or is this the difference in a man and a woman where I would assume the other person knew that they needed to get up while a man states it so it is known? Or is it a personality thing to make the assumption? Either way, thankful for a good sleeper, annoyed with myself for being frustrated by the small stuff.

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