Mom Chat – San Diego

I was recently on a business trip out in California and as I was talking to some team members out there, I started to notice more and more that the parenting experience is very similar regardless of where you live. I had lunch with one mom and she talked about the pressure to breastfeed with her second child, even though she wasn’t able to with her first. People who were around while she struggled the first time were making comments like “well you are least going to try to breastfeed, right?” As the conversation progressed, we went through the typical mom conversation of pregnancy woes, hardships with giving birth, daycare and judgmental friends, family and strangers. It dawned on me after the workday ended and I was back in my hotel room that we had so much in common but came from completely different places and backgrounds.

This lead to an idea for a new series; Mom Chat. I’m going to interview moms when I travel to find out how we are similar, how we are different and to gather as much parenting knowledge as I can to use with P. I know there will be differences in opinions and different ideas about how to raise kids but I thought it was interesting finding common ground in a place where I don’t quite fit in.

Santa Barbara

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Sunday Evening Thoughts

I’ve been feeling really emotional over the past week. It might have to do with baby P having more of a personality lately resulting in me missing her even more. She snuggles now and looks up at you with a sly smile because she is drooling milk all over your shirt. Today she was chewing on my leg in an attempt to help her aching teeth. It doesn’t hurt and I don’t believe she is going to learn to bite people based on gnawing on my leg at five months old (I could be raising a vampire, who knows). Right now, she is wailing from her bed because her little nubs of teeth are trying to break through. My amazing husband is giving her baby Tylenol to try to help her.

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Bloody Noses and Not Being Perfect

Last night was really difficult, husband had the iPad on so the light was in my eyes and with my allergies I then had a headache, the baby was up and down all night and then when I finally went to sleep the baby was up again. Then like a knight in shining pajama armor my husband went to go get her and wakes me up to the fact that there is blood all in her bed and on her face.

She has been sick for a while now with a cold and allergies. She’s been so snotty that we haven’t even thought about turning on the humidifier because she didn’t have a dry nose, she had a faucet. Then this morning my husband says there is blood everywhere and her nose is bleeding. I don’t think I could have shot out of the bed quicker.

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