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    Parenting Advice I Wish Someone Told Me

    When your friends, family and even strangers find out that you are going to have a baby, you are going to be buried beneath mountains of advice and wisdom. Some of the advice is helpful but most of it is just going to freak you out. I remember someone warning me about having to have my downstairs cut open to pull the baby out for it to be easier on the doctor… what the heck. Another piece of sage wisdom I received involved feces, your SO and a room full of surgeons and interns (I’ll spare you the details). It’s funny now to think about all of the things we…

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    Three-Day Weekend

    I’m not really a big cleaner… I like things to be clean but I dislike cleaning unless I’m in the mood for it. It sounds lazy and it probably is, but it’s the truth. Until today my closet was full of maternity clothes, baby P’s clothes that don’t fit anymore and uncomfortable shirts from previous jobs. Something clicked for me this morning (I think it was picking up a white mocha) and for my husband as well. Without saying anything, we went into spring-cleaning mode. With it being the end of the month, we started with planning for the month ahead and finalizing the previous month. That consists of:

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    Sunday Evening Thoughts

    I’ve been feeling really emotional over the past week. It might have to do with baby P having more of a personality lately resulting in me missing her even more. She snuggles now and looks up at you with a sly smile because she is drooling milk all over your shirt. Today she was chewing on my leg in an attempt to help her aching teeth. It doesn’t hurt and I don’t believe she is going to learn to bite people based on gnawing on my leg at five months old (I could be raising a vampire, who knows). Right now, she is wailing from her bed because her little…

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    Being a Mom is Lonely

    Being a mom can feel very lonely. You always have someone around you but unless you know and hangout with other moms you are living in this isolated world of drool, bottles and endless videos of attempts at crawling. Family members are excited to see pictures and video but it is hard to get any time to yourself. Even when you do get time away you miss them and look at pictures and videos, which start the cycle of “I’m a bad mom because I’m here instead of home.”

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    I’m A Judging Mom

    When you think about what a good parent is, you have such a large frame of reference for “good parenting.” There are magazines, blogs, shows specifically to show how shitty parents can be, news articles and Facebook groups that hand down judgement as if they were Saint Peter himself. When our parents were growing up, they just had what they were taught by their parents, wholesome television shows and maybe a book on parenting.