Raising Your Child in Church?

Can you raise a child to have morals without being religious? That is something that I’ve been thinking about lately. I went to a Baptist Church in west Texas while my husband went to a private Catholic school. Neither of us are actively practicing any religion and don’t really plan on it to be honest. I believe that there is a greater good and that we should always try to be our best versions of ourselves but no one I know would label me religious by any means. Without a God in our home, does this mean our daughter will grow up without that love/fear based morale code?

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SAHM vs. Working Mom

Baby P has started to chew on everything and the pediatrician said she has little nubs in her gums so she could be teething already. It is the most adorable and gross thing you’ll ever see a little baby do besides a blow-out (which is mainly gross but sometimes cute). Everything is covered in spit and she is so happy holding a little butterfly toy in her hands listening to it crunch when she bites down. These moments make it hard to remember the first month of my husband and I sleeping in shifts to stay up with her so she wouldn’t scream all night. It almost makes the sleepless nights and agonizing days of bouncing, screams, frustration and piles of diapers seem like a distant memory.

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And Baby Makes Three

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written anything and that mainly has to do with the fact that I was pregnant, sick and pregnant, gave birth, had a newborn and now I’m back at work with a four month old.

People said it would be hard having a child, but they didn’t say why. Yes, there are sleepless nights and she cries but the true difficulty is that everything changes. You have another person in the mix who dictates your entire life. Just in the first month we found out she had an allergy to milk (never knew babies could be allergic to milk) and had to switch to the most expensive formula known to man (drama queen, I know). We thought that was a big deal but not for long.

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