When Things Just Make Sense

Standing at the sink all I can think to myself is “this makes sense.” When everything is crazy hectic, the dishes make sense. They are dirty so they need to be cleaned. We have a set amount of dishes; they need to be ready to go for the next night, so into the sink they go.  You can only fit so many bowls, cups and silverware in your dishwasher, so once you are at your max, you know you’re done (unless you hand wash the rest). My mind has been going all over the place lately; when the water finally gets hot enough to actually clean I can just let myself be calm and think about nothing else.

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Three-Day Weekend

I’m not really a big cleaner… I like things to be clean but I dislike cleaning unless I’m in the mood for it. It sounds lazy and it probably is, but it’s the truth. Until today my closet was full of maternity clothes, baby P’s clothes that don’t fit anymore and uncomfortable shirts from previous jobs. Something clicked for me this morning (I think it was picking up a white mocha) and for my husband as well. Without saying anything, we went into spring-cleaning mode.

With it being the end of the month, we started with planning for the month ahead and finalizing the previous month. That consists of:

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