Sermon Recap – Admiration

I can’t imagine what Mary was thinking when an angel descended upon her and said she was going to be a pregnant virgin giving birth to the son of God. I try to put myself in her place, a young girl who is engaged, ready to begin her new life with her husband and then instead she’s told she is going to have the child of God. There was no “oh but what will my husband and everyone else think?” She just accepted it and said that whatever the Lord wanted she would do. She had so much love and veneration for God that in such a scary situation she was humbled. Instead of asking a million questions (like I would have) she referred to herself as a servant of the Lord. This is a young lady who admires God above all else.

Admiration was our sermon’s focus this morning and it came at the perfect time of the year. During Christmas, you would expect the focus to be on Jesus’ birth so I was surprised when instead we discussed The Magnificat. The Magnificat or Mary’s Song of Praise is located in The Gospel According to Luke 1: 46-55.

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Giving Grace to Someone Who Deserves It

Today baby P was fitted with her helmet that she will wear for the next several months. When I found out that, she had to wear one I was crushed. I felt like I did something wrong. I immediately reverted back to what I had always grown up thinking helmets were for. The only kids that wore them when I was young were children that had developmental issues. I know that is such a far place to jump and logically I know that she doesn’t have any of those issues and that this is to help shape her skull but I went there so quickly. The mom guilt fell on top of me so hard that I thought I would collapse. Did I not pick her up enough? Did I not play with her enough? Why didn’t I do something that would help her to not have to deal with this?

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Special Moments

I didn’t fully understand what giving up my “me” time meant before the baby came. I knew there would be cuddles and she would want our attention but I didn’t truly get it. You have to hold them for a really long time, they fuss and want you to hold them, they want you to rock them and feed them and never be out of their eyesight. My husband insisted that I take a shower when I was home alone with her. He would say, “put her in her pack n’ play, she’ll be fine.” At first, I didn’t believe him because she would scream like she was being attacked. This led to many instances of thrown open shower doors, water all over the floor from shower to pack n’ play and a baby being picked up by a soaking wet lunatic. In all the times of throwing open the door and running to pick her up she never had any real issues besides being hungry or a wet booty. I’m thankful that she was always fine and was just needy.

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Bloody Noses and Not Being Perfect

Last night was really difficult, husband had the iPad on so the light was in my eyes and with my allergies I then had a headache, the baby was up and down all night and then when I finally went to sleep the baby was up again. Then like a knight in shining pajama armor my husband went to go get her and wakes me up to the fact that there is blood all in her bed and on her face.

She has been sick for a while now with a cold and allergies. She’s been so snotty that we haven’t even thought about turning on the humidifier because she didn’t have a dry nose, she had a faucet. Then this morning my husband says there is blood everywhere and her nose is bleeding. I don’t think I could have shot out of the bed quicker.

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