Little Miracles

Stepping out of the office today we were greeted by a sight not common for south Texas. Little flurries of ice were falling from the sky trying their hardest to cover every surface available. It was beautiful to see the light reflecting off the ice as it fell to the ground, it was not so beautiful to be in traffic with Texans who are not accustomed to driving in the snow. As a native Texan myself, I give them slack because weather here is like a grab bag any given day. In the winter, some days it’s 20 degrees and other days it’s so hot that people are swimming on Christmas. Either way, the drive home ended up being a lot longer than it typically is which means a lot of time to think.

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God didn’t put me in a headlock

I believe God lines things up in a certain way to show us a path without putting us in a headlock and dragging us kicking and screaming. Back in July, he showed me a brightly lit path to Him. I’ve always had troubles with faith and feeling like I could believe in anything but over the Summer it was like fog lifted and I could see. I felt whole, it wasn’t a fake “oh look at me here at church” feeling. I did have impostor’s syndrome at first. I thought everyone was going to point and say “she doesn’t truly believe” because I didn’t know the stories that they were referencing. Luckily, I also was able to see that true believers aren’t going to point and mock. They want you to feel included and bring you closer to Him.

So, first God clicks the button and the light flicked on. Then, while I was traveling, the leader of the location I was at gave me a book. The only condition was to pass the book along to someone else. The book was Love Does by Bob Goff; it was about his life and Christianity. I devoured the book and passed it on to another colleague who is also a Christian. Bob is an incredible writer; and I call him Bob because after reading the book I feel like we are friends even though we’ve never met. He has such a refreshing perspective on the Lord and it felt like God was saying, “you’ve shown up for Church, you bought the Bible but see what else you can learn.” Shortly after, my husband booked a retreat for us to attend to keep strengthening our marriage, which was all faith based.

After feeling a hole for such a long time, it is such a relief to just feel His love and to love him back.

Remodeling a Home for Less than $20

We’ve been in our house for about a year and a half but it is just now starting to feel somewhat homey. When we bought it, we were so ambitious about getting a fixer upper. We are your typical HGTV, DIY junkies who loved to watch someone remodel a kitchen in a weekend on Sunday mornings. We were adamant that we didn’t want a house that was “done” because it wouldn’t be what we wanted but what someone else wanted. Little did we know that we are not Chip and Joanna Gaines as much as we would like to think we are. Have you ever tried to paint the interior of your house? It takes FOREVER to do it correctly. We did one wall in our game room and it took an entire weekend. The thing you don’t notice on TV are the large crews moving in and out of frame that are helping to do everything.

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Special Moments

I didn’t fully understand what giving up my “me” time meant before the baby came. I knew there would be cuddles and she would want our attention but I didn’t truly get it. You have to hold them for a really long time, they fuss and want you to hold them, they want you to rock them and feed them and never be out of their eyesight. My husband insisted that I take a shower when I was home alone with her. He would say, “put her in her pack n’ play, she’ll be fine.” At first, I didn’t believe him because she would scream like she was being attacked. This led to many instances of thrown open shower doors, water all over the floor from shower to pack n’ play and a baby being picked up by a soaking wet lunatic. In all the times of throwing open the door and running to pick her up she never had any real issues besides being hungry or a wet booty. I’m thankful that she was always fine and was just needy.

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Bloody Noses and Not Being Perfect

Last night was really difficult, husband had the iPad on so the light was in my eyes and with my allergies I then had a headache, the baby was up and down all night and then when I finally went to sleep the baby was up again. Then like a knight in shining pajama armor my husband went to go get her and wakes me up to the fact that there is blood all in her bed and on her face.

She has been sick for a while now with a cold and allergies. She’s been so snotty that we haven’t even thought about turning on the humidifier because she didn’t have a dry nose, she had a faucet. Then this morning my husband says there is blood everywhere and her nose is bleeding. I don’t think I could have shot out of the bed quicker.

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