Satan, You’re Not Welcome Here

I’ve struggled with anxiety for the greater part of my life. I’ve seen counselors, doctors, taken medication, done yoga, breathing exercises and anything else I could find to get it under control. Thankfully, I haven’t struggled with my anxiety and panic attacks for over a year. There are moments occasionally where I feel anxious and it feels like the anxiety is in control again.

My husband was traveling for work and I thought I heard noises in the house. Logically I know it’s because the house is creaking but my illogical fight or flight instinct was kicking in. I laid in be in a panic until I remembered a phrase that one of the women brought up in Bible study. She said that when she feels like the enemy is trying to mess with her she says out loud “Satan, you’re not welcome here.” I never imagined myself saying it until I was lying in bed stuck in my anxious thoughts.

I started thinking it hesitantly and kept doing it until I was confident that he had no power. I fell asleep changing “Satan, you’re not welcome here” in my head. It might sound silly but it worked. He has no power over us, he is not our master, we can drive him away. He prays on our insecurities and in those dark moments we need to be confident in our Lord and tell the enemy to get out.

I don’t think telling the enemy to go away will solve my anxiety but it helped me to find strength through our Father. Now I find myself saying it in my head pretty regularly. If I’m being judgy, getting angry about something out of my control, or just not being a very nice person I tell the enemy to hit the road. I know that some of those things are my own sins, but in that moment it tells me to be looking up at what matters and just in case, tells him to get lost too.


A Big God

For the past 6 weeks I’ve been doing Matt Chandler’s Bible Study “The Explicit Gospel.” It’s our Women’s Summer Study and I was very excited when I heard it was going to be a book by Matt Chandler. I listen to the Village Church podcast as often as I can and I’m always impressed at how clearly and bluntly Matt can communicate big, important and complicated topics.

This week is our final week and I’m sad to see it be completed. Every week I feel like I’m diving head first into who God is and catching a glimpse of how big His glory is. I keep mentioning the word “big” and it’s perfect that it’s the word that keeps coming to mind. One of the large takeaways I’ve had through this study is how big God is.

I watched this video where God is compared to the entire universe and then we are mentioned. A small speck amongst billions of stars, millions of galaxies and countless planets. When I was praying I couldn’t help but imagine God working across the universe creating astounding creations that we can’t even fathom but for some reason listening when I pray to Him. This enormous, sovereign, omnipotent being makes time to listen to these small creatures that aren’t even the largest creatures on this tiny planet in a small galaxy.

Now the really meaty part is that he doesn’t just listen to us, he granted us mercy. It’s our nature to disobey Him and he knows that we are going to fail. But in his merciful kindness he sent his son to be a sacrifice for us. This isn’t a son that he created for this specific purpose. This was a son who had been there from the beginning with Him. A big God sent a big God to give his life for ours. Out of the entire cosmos we were created, loved, saved and welcomed into this big God’s family.

There is so much to be thankful for in this life and it should all start with thanks that we have a Big God.


Raising Your Child in Church?

Can you raise a child to have morals without being religious? That is something that I’ve been thinking about lately. I went to a Baptist Church in west Texas while my husband went to a private Catholic school. Neither of us are actively practicing any religion and don’t really plan on it to be honest. I believe that there is a greater good and that we should always try to be our best versions of ourselves but no one I know would label me religious by any means. Without a God in our home, does this mean our daughter will grow up without that love/fear based morale code?

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