My 4 Must Have Items For Traveling When You’re Sick

I just had to do something I swore I would never do… use a cloth napkin as a tissue. I know, I’m gross but I didn’t have a choice. Let me explain how this came to happen…

P is climbing on me coughing in my face but I love her cute cheeks and so I let her. She Flying to Utahchews on her hands and then rubs them on my face trying to stick them in my mouth. It’s when she is being the cutest that I slip up and let her stick her sick germs in my mouth or near my face. This was on Monday, a day I had taken off to relax and get ready for upcoming travel starting on Tuesday. Monday my nose starts running and I’m not feeling so hot but eh I shrug it off thinking it’s allergies. Then when I’m sitting in the airport at the butt crack of dawn I realize I have her cold. I’m hoping that it’s a 24 hour thing and that it goes away before my first session, I wasn’t that lucky.

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SAHM vs. Working Mom

Baby P has started to chew on everything and the pediatrician said she has little nubs in her gums so she could be teething already. It is the most adorable and gross thing you’ll ever see a little baby do besides a blow-out (which is mainly gross but sometimes cute). Everything is covered in spit and she is so happy holding a little butterfly toy in her hands listening to it crunch when she bites down. These moments make it hard to remember the first month of my husband and I sleeping in shifts to stay up with her so she wouldn’t scream all night. It almost makes the sleepless nights and agonizing days of bouncing, screams, frustration and piles of diapers seem like a distant memory.

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