Your Kid Should Attend Sex Ed

This post is for the parents who won’t let their kids attend sexual education and won’t teach their kids anything besides abstinence. I know it’s a very specific targeted group of folks but they should definitely read what I have to say.

I wasn’t allowed to attend sex ed when I was in school because it would apparently teach me how to have sex and that was the worst thing that could ever happen. I lived with adults who couldn’t fathom why it would be important for a young girl to know anything about sexual reproduction because they weren’t going to allow me to have sex so why should I attend? You would also make the assumption that if they weren’t going to allow me to attend then they would have the conversations with me about periods, sex and so on…. The assumption would be incorrect. When I did start my period I was told where the pads were and that was it. At 12 years old, I didn’t know anything about what was happening because I was forbidden from learning it and was just directed where to get the supplies I had no idea how to use. I was never purchased my own and had to share with my mother so whatever brand she used was what I was stuck with.

My sexual education consisted of being told over and over again that I wasn’t allowed to have sex, ever. My brothers of course were allowed to attend sex ed because they were boys. They knew more about my reproductive system than I did. The pads I used weren’t the right kind for me (of course, because they weren’t for me they were for my mother) so I had the fun pubescent experience of having a blood stain on the back of my khaki pants (because to top it all off I wore uniforms so khaki it was). Wearing a navy sweater every day during your period, because you are still figuring out when you get your period, just in case you need to tie it around your waist is both genius and humiliating.

Do you know what is worse than your child potentially having sex because they have learned what a penis and vagina are? Your child having sex and not knowing how any of it works. If you think being uneducated about having sex will keep teenagers from having sex you are sorely mistaken. The girl that you didn’t allow to attend sex ed has no idea what is happening when she gets her period for the first time. Your son who didn’t attend sex ed doesn’t know that he needs to wear a condom to protect himself from accidental pregnancies.

In 2017, I can’t imagine any child or teenager that doesn’t have access to the internet but if for some reason you are a parent who has your child locked in a box of “no sex ever” then you need to stop and think about what you are doing. Your job is to protect your children; you are supposed to raise them to be productive members of society, educate them in the ways of the world and yes that includes periods, sex, condoms and whatever else you think is taboo. If you won’t, someone else who doesn’t have your child’s best interest at heart will. Do you want your now teenage daughter to learn about sex from the first douche who says, “Our first time can be together?”

They are your kids and I sure as hell don’t want some random blogger on the internet telling me what to do with my kid but this is something I think you will regret later.

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